During your stay in Diamond Apts and Suites, you may have the chance to participate in some of the activities and trips that we organize, such as Spring Event, The Assumption of Virgin Mary etc. Check them out below!!! Otherwise you have a lot of different activities to choose which are taking place in Hersonissos. Here are some of the suggested activities: Scuba diving, Water sports, Horse riding, Bike riding, Golf, Waterpark, Boat trip, Fishing trip, Traditional Nights (we’ll inform you about the local traditional fiestas. When, where and how to make the best of it).

We would suggest a road trip for anyone who wishes to get acquainted with Crete and its customs. There are numerous picturesque villages and breathtaking beaches, awarded with the blue flag. One should not miss to savor Cretan food and wine and enjoy the hospitality!

For those who prefer an excursion, there are numerous of daily trips! If this is the case and you feel a bit adventurous, let us know and we will propose to you a mix and match program that will suit your needs!

Some of the suggested daily trips one could attend are:

Spring Event

May 1st

Greece celebrates spring time.

Clidonas Event

June 23rd -24th
The custom of Clidonas is rooted in ancient times and is a popular divining process, according to which, unmarried girls find out the identity of the future husbands!

Greek Easter Holidays

25th April- 1st May

Easter is the greatest Christian event for the Greeks. During that period, our guests will have the opportunity to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection and participate to the local traditional rituals along with the Cretans.

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

August 14th - 15th

Virgin Mary is the most lovable Christian figure for Greeks. This is why; we celebrate her memory many times around the year.

Richtis Gorge and waterfall

Richtis’s beautiful Gorge is just an hour and a half from Chersonissos. The Gorge is 5 Klm long and is accessible to all age groups.

Wine Tasting

During summer , some really nice events are taking place in the area, such as wine tasting nights!

Chrissi Island

 Become a Robinson for one day on the deserted island of “Chrissi” or “Golden Island”. This exceptional outing begins with a picturesque drive to the town of Ierapetra on the south coast.

Gramvousa - Balos (Blue Lagoon)

Starting early and heading west, after a short breakfast stop near Rethymnon and driving outside Chania, we reach the Port of Kissamos or Kavonissi.

Knossos & Lassithi Plateau

Knossos, the supreme Minoan Palace, just 5 klms south of Heraklion, is a sight not to be missed. It dates back to 2000 BC, was the throne of King Minos and the prosperous capital of Minoan Crete.

Knossos Palace & Heraklion Market

The Palace of Knossos was the monumental symbol of Minoan civilization and culture, due to its construction, use of luxury materials, architectural plan, advanced building techniques and impressive size.

Samaria Gorge

Leaving early in the morning and driving along the north coastline, we stop for a short breakfast break outside Rethymnon.

Saturday Gipsy Market - Heraklion city tour & Cretaquarium

Every Saturday in Heraklion in the district of Pateles, an open air street market, is the main event of the day. Here one can find many goods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, clothes, shoes, fabrics, and local products in very cheap prices.

South Crete

Travelling south through the pass of Vourvouliti, we reach Gortys (Gortyn or Gortyna), one of the most extensive archaeological sites of Crete.

Spinalonga - Elounda - Ag. Nikolaos with BBQ

riving along the North East coast through the gorge of St George we reach the small fishing village of Elounda, the location of the BBC television series “Who pays the Ferryman” in the late 70’s.

Uknown Crete

 A day out in the countryside of Crete. A perfect chance for you to get to know the real Cretans and the real way of life in the small villages of the island.

West Crete (Arkadi Monastery-Chania-Rethymno)

Following the northwest coastline, and turning south before Rethymnon, we reach the Monastery of Arkadi, a supreme symbol for Cretans: Freedom or Death.

Arkadi – Kournas lake – Rethymno

Monastery of Arkadi is a site not to be missed. Located in the heart of Crete, is the most famous historical Monastery on Crete, well known for the resistance against the Turks

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