Welcome to Diamond Apts & Suites!

Owner's message:

Dear Guests,
my love for my birth place called me back from Athens. Having living in the big city for 11 years, I gave that life up and I came back home. I decided to take over the small yet mature enough family business and share the love I feel for my island with you: my guests.

Life here in Crete is very different from life in big cities. So much different from the life in Athens and pretty sure, different from the city you must live in.

The pace of life in Crete is more serene. There is always time to enjoy the scenery and the sun, to swim, to savour the Cretan delicacies, to appreciate the beauty that this blessed piece of Earth generously offers us. The people of this island are simple folks, open hearted, they smile effortlessly and in short, they are the personification of the famous Cretan Hospitality.

My mission is to make sure that you will taste a piece of this wonderful, sweet, colorful life.  This will be my little contribution to your Cretan Experience and I hope that I will have the chance to offer it to you to the best of my abilities.

My family and I will be at your side, trying hard to make this experience a memorable one for you: our unique and special guest!

Welcome and have a wonderful stay!

Roula Diamantaki