The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

August 14th - 15th

Virgin Mary is the most lovable Christian figure for Greeks. This is why; we celebrate her memory many times around the year.

On the 15th of August we celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and it is a national holiday for the Greeks.

Should you happen to stay with us at the time, you will have the opportunity to attend the Church Liturgy and participate to the local Cretan fiesta that holds place at the piazza of the traditional village Old Chersonissos.

Diamond Apts and Suites will participate in the fiesta along with its guests!

See how Cretans celebrate, dance to our music, savor good local wine, enjoy the best Cretan food! The fiesta lasts all night long!

Be a Cretan! Don’t miss out this wonderful opportunity! We will offer you a true Cretan experience.